DRILL AND END MILL GRINDERS

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GS34 comes with addition of collets up to 34 mm.  And it has a supplemental back spitting station.

Drill Point Angle: 90 deg. to 140 deg. adjustable.




Drill diameter range

10mm to 34mm or #45


Point Angle

90 degree to 140 degree


Drill Point Concentricity

better than 0.02 mm or 0.00079 inch


Power Supply

Single Phase, AC 120V, 60cycle


Motor RPM

3280 rpm


Grinding Wheel (standard)



Collet Type

ER 32 and ER16 with adapter.


Split Point via Web Thinning



Netto Weight

20 kg or 48 lbs.


Machine Dimensions: (approximately) L x W x H

(355x215x210mm) or 14"x8 1/2" x 8 1/4"


Standard Accessories

Grinding Chuck Assembly, one set of ER32 collets, one set of ER40 collets, one collet adapter ER32/ER40, two allen wrenches, size 4 and 6






Compact and Rigid, All Metal Design

Long lifetime protects your investment while providing high quality grinding results for years.


Collet Drill Clamping System

Better, true running drills produce round holes, exact in size, while increasing tool life.


Split Point / X-Thinning

Less drill pressure to start hole, and lowers HP for drilling. Increases tool life and mostly shortens drilling cycle.


Adjustable Point Angle

Applicable to wide range of drills incl. spot drills for various materials. Optional diamont plated wheels for sharpening solid carbide drills.


Carrying Handle and Invisible Toolbox

Transportable, easy to set up. Quickly to set up and very easy to use with everything at hand. (additional large collets provided)


Total Weight of about 48lbs.

Secure setting, extremely user friendly.




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