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CSA UL Certification Certificate
Canadian Standards Association / USA Under writers labs certificate

GS6  End Mill Grinder Instructional Videos
Set Up
2 Flute End Grinding
3 Flute End Grinding
4 Flute End Grinding
Cleaning Your Machine
GS6 Changing the Grinding Wheels

GS6 You Tube Video

GS26 End Mill Grinder Instructional Video (98 Megs)   NEW !!
GS 26 Video  Windows Media

Drill Point Grinder Instructional Video
GS1, 21 Drill Point Grinder Training Video 
GS22 Sheetmetal Drill point Grinder
GS 9 6 Facet (Nachi, Mitsubishi Grind) Drill Point Grinder

Tool Room Series Manuals
GS 11 Drill Point grinder
GS 21b Large Drill Point Grinder
GS6 End Mill End Grinder

 GS26 Large End mill End Grinder Manual (October)

 Retail Price List

Electronic Flyers

GS 1  Drill Point Grinder     1185.00  Canadian Funds
GS 21 Large Drill Point Grinder    2265.00 CF
GS 6   Small End Mill Grinder          2375.00 CF
GS 26 Large End Mill Grinder         3840.00 CF

 GS13  Tool Cut off and Reduced Neck Grinder  1495.00
 GS13 Your Tube video (chuck type machine)

Price List


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