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We have Grinding wheels Built to our specifications
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Darex M5 Diamond and CBN Replacement 100 and 180 Grit  

These are new High quality Wheels

Please specify whether you need CBN or Diamond

CBN is best for Cobalt and High speed steel Drills , there is virtually no dust and the wheel maintains a sharp corner for crisp point features when splitting

Diamond wheels would be recommended for the grinding of solid carbide tools

Please feel free to contact  Jeff @ Cuttermasters 613 5237753


Replacement Wheels are  209.00 if you buy them from Darex and they are not the same.

  • These are the best wheels money can buy
  • Equivalent Part Number 4858, 4856 / New Number PP04858GF
  • 180 Grit  Diamond
  • 100 or 180 Grit CBN
  • 6" Diameter X 3/4" Width X 1-1/4" Arbor Hole
  • Weight 2 Pounds
  • Bushings are available for the 1/2 inch, 5/8, 3/4 shaft sizes

CBN 100

CBN 180


See manufacturer's information @

Visa    for phone orders call 613 523 7753 ask for Jeff

Item Name: CM Wheels
Item Number: Cuttermasters 1A1 Style Replacement Wheel for Darex M5
Price: $158.00    

  Specify CBN or Diamond and Grit with your order/payment



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