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GS 11  Drill Point Grinder

GS 1 is a Bench top Drill Point Grinder for HSS . Cobalt or Carbide Drills
Capacity .080 or 2 mm to .5 inches or 13mm  118 to 135 Degree
115 Volt  Complete Set of 12 Collets ER20 16 Pounds shipping weight

GS 21 Drill Point Grinder

GS 21 is a Larger Bench Top Drill Point Sharpener for HSS, Cobalt or Carbide Drills
Capacity .312 to 1.0  8 mm to 26 mm 90 to 140 Degree
Complete set 18 Collets  Shipping weight 44 Pounds 

Toycen Tool and Cutter Grinder Spring 2008

Toycen MillMaster End Mill and Cutter Grinder is a Bench top End Mill Grinder Complete end Mill sharpening and Feature Alteration Rads Necks Ball Nose Reduce Neck,

The Mill Master does a great Job on the traditional tasks Ends and Sides even flute grinds hoggers.


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