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  New  , HOT   >>  GS 13N
  Carbide Cut off  Saw and Shank Grinder
  For carbide end mill cut off and reduce neck grinding

Tool Sharpening

 "that drill is only $2.00 , we don't sharpen" 

 Most people don't sharpen because its difficult.

Getting a good hole diameter and finish at any speed is an exact science,  combine this with the fact  stock drill tip geometry is usually not ideal for for a given application these days..

Make good parts with little down time.  Cycle time  is the name of the game.  In simpler times when drill tip geometry didn't matter as much it was better and  faster to set a new tool. 

With the new GSC Drill point and End Mill Grinders ends can be reground very accurately, to new or better than new in the time it takes to set a height offset.

Unless you have qualified Tool and Cutter on staff. To grind tools  in house the machines should to be easy to use with little training. Cuttermasters GSC  tool room series drill point and end mill end grinders make it possible for  most anyone to produce better than factory drill end geometry with minimal training.
Tools can be resharpened in minutes and returned to service.


"January 2012"

"The machines are working out great.  As always,  so much repair work going on here its  slow to get into the Cuttermasters as much as Id like but it is easy to see how using them has already freed up a lot of time otherwise lost to set-ups on my old Cinncinnatti.  Very well designed and executed little machines; convenient, fast and precise results every time, all in a small shop area footprint."

 Gary,  Rolls Royce Aerospace. 

November 2009 :
    Tool Cut off machine and Reduce Neck Grinder


GS1 Drill Grinder Movie 11 megs

Company Information
Cuttermasters is the Stocking distributor and Authorized Dealer for GSC Equipment in the United states and Eastern Ontario
Spare parts are available in 24 hours in the US and Canada

1 800 417 2171    in Canada Phone 6135237753
613 523 8265
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812 Proctor Avenue Ogdensburg NY 13669
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